Capmac Industry Srl

CAPMAC INDUSTRY is specialized in the design and production of riveting machines and automated riveting plants. Each machine and plant is designed to meet a customer’s needs.


Automatic riveting machines

Riveting of small products with self piercing rivets

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Riveting guns

Manual and robotic for riveting components and industrial vehicle frames

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Riveting plants

Riveting trucks panels and products in the automotive and white industry

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Riveting machine for fasteners

Riveting automation for high volume production

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Riveting unit for pop rivets

Automated applications for high volume production

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Punching machine

Manual or robotic guns for specific punching applications

Discover our riveting solutions choosing the application sector of your product

Application sectors

Aerospace Automotive Road signs and panel Cross-members Components of appliances Wall of vans Industrial vehicles Industrial Fans Other...





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